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 Insurance? Safety first! 

End-to-end Personal Safety Platform:

- Safety Score & Recommendations
- Prevention Solutions
- One dynamic insurance policy 

Smart Protection for Safer Living


Integrated Personal Safety Platform

  • Safety Scoring using Artificial Intelligence

  • Recommendations & Services to reduce risk

  • Real-time data-driven insurance model

Don’t lose what you love!
Using technology in a smart way, our platform improves safety for you, your loved ones and
your key assets. 

We provide an end-to-end solution that allows our users to make smarter and better choices when investing in safety.

Insurance alone is not enough!
We offer better protection, better value and more peace of mind.


What we do

 InConnect works on better ways to manage everyday risks. We provide smart solutions that help customers to reduce the chance of things going wrong. Or limit the impact if it does.

We do this by combining smart technology with our experience in safety & prevention to minimise your risk.
And for the risk that still remains, we offer an insurance solution based on your actual safety situation.


Here's how it works :



Our app helps you to assess your current safety. Based on your circumstances and the devices you already have, our algorithms calculate your Safety Score and give you Free Recommendations. 

See our Connect2Protect Solution 



Based on your personal safety situation, we help you with your next steps to reduce risk.
Solutions include recommendations for adding extra devices, and preventive maintenance services and real-time monitoring & direct assistance.



Some risk always remains.
Our Connected Insurance policy provides customized cover and dynamic pricing based on your actual safety situation & behaviour.

We call this Smart Protection for Safer Living: it’s the optimal combination of prevention and insurance that gives you
the best value for money and most peace of mind.






We start with prevention and loss control before we start talking about insurance: our focus is to provide the best solution to protect life and property.
InConnect solves multiple problems of today’s insurance customers: assess risk, select best means to protect, lower premiums, provide emergency response and protect against cyber risks.
We make technology work for us in a
good way – we capitalize on the benefits of the connected world, allowing
Artificial Intelligence-driven operations.


We are device-agnostic. There is no need for upfront user investment – you can start with the devices and measures you already have in place.


Our holistic risk approach means that we boldly cross traditional boundaries between motor, home, travel, health and life. No more redundancies, no more gaps.


We make it fun & eco-friendly:
reward safe  and eco behaviour through
gamification and optimising energy consumption

Meet the Team

InConnect is a European based start-up founded by a team of insurance entrepreneurs, innovators and experts with a proven track record in designing and scaling innovative solutions that protect families and their vital assets.

Inconnect is listed as one of the world's most innovative insurtech companies on the fintech global 2023 insurtech 100 list!

Driven by innovation, we are also partnering with the InsurLab Germany and the European Startup Association.


Interested to learn more about us? If you are:

» An insurance carrier or MGA looking for lower risks and higher customer engagement

» A digital hub or corporate innovator looking for a future proof, scalable value proposition that will make a difference

» A non-insurance player looking to build customer engagement and reduce churn

» Interested to support our ambition in another way

We will be happy to talk to you. Let's meet over a cup of coffee! ➭


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